We’ve had an incredibly busy season here at GSM. We had our annual “This Is Love” banquets in Nashville, Biloxi & Orange County, CA as well as a smaller event down in San Diego. A huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to the events!

To see all of the photos from This Is Love, please go to our Events page.

We’d also like to send our gratitude to Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson, who was our Keynote Speaker for the Nashville Banquet. He delivered an incredible and challenging message and was gracious enough to give everyone in attendance a copy of “The Hole In Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns.

Another huge thank you to Nathan LaGrange of City Community Church in Indianapolis who did an incredible job speaking at the Biloxi banquet. Nathan & Erik of City Community have been amazing friends and supporters of GSM and they inspire us to no end!

A big reason for these banquets and events is to impart vision for who we are, where we’re going & how you can be a part. We’re happy and humbled to say that we had a large number of new Development Partners. These are people who believe in what GSM is doing and want to help develop, sustain & grow our programs here in the U.S. and abroad and begin supporting us monthly. A lot of people start at $10 a month and grow from there! So thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our new Development Partners. I can honestly say that we cannot do this without you and that Global Support Mission does not exist without your support.

Would you consider becoming a Development Partner and supporting us monthly?

We also cast vision for the future of Know.Think.Act. As of this blog, we’ve had $26,446 given for specific needs of our Affiliates on the ground in Uganda & Kenya. In a future blog, I’m going to share with you EXACTLY what all of this money has accomplished. I’m hoping you’ll have the same reaction I did upon seeing it!

We’re also getting ready for our trip to Africa, which I’ll be blogging about next week! We’re raising funds for all of the multimedia gear we need to acquire all of our new media for the next year. We are going to be telling stories, showing the communities we’re working into and completing the first DVD in our upcoming series, the first of which will highlight Malaria.

We are needing to raise $5,000 for all of the cameras, batteries, hard drives, etc. necessary to do all of this with excellence. If you’d like to contribute to our multimedia fund, please get in touch and let us know. You can also make a one time donation by clicking here.

Once again, thank you to EVERYONE that made this banquet season amazing. We are excited to have met so many of you for the first time and are honored that you would choose to partner with us! The rest of this year is going to be intense, starting with our trip to Africa coming up in a little over a week! More to come on that in our next blog!

Compassion = Action,

Jeremy Stanley
U.S. Programs Director

P.S. No time for photos. Banquets are BUSY!!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Thank you Lord for sending your son. Let us never forget what it’s all about.

Now, I would like to apologize for this post coming so late. But, I have to admit I have enjoyed laying low for a couple of weeks. It has been nice resting up on this side of the pond. Also, while we are in the states we would love to see everyone. We will certainly do our best. We are very grateful to all of you for assisting us in this calling. You are a blessing.

Before I list our 2009 accomplishments I thought I would let you know what is currently going on in Kaihura. I received an email from Moses today. He is recovering from malaria. He said he is on the mend. The rains have finally subsided. They plan to begin on a new well in the village of Kyongera on Monday. Moses has also delivered 20 mosquito nets to Pastor Stephen in Ft. Portal. These nets will be distributed to pastors in that district. Pastor Stephen’s heart is to assist and educate the local pastors around Ft. Portal. We desire to help him any way that we can.
Moses has also distributed 20 blankets to some of the students at Dorcas (Vocational School). Moses has been such a blessing. He is doing a great job of keeping the projects moving forward.

Accomplishments for 2009

*We have constructed 3 wells which assist over 240 people (also, forth well beginning construction next week)
*We have visited 69 homes
*Distributed 59 blankets
*Hung 181 mosquito nets
*Administered 7 HIV/Aids testing outreaches (624 people tested/ 28 positive/ less than 4%)
*One category that cannot be measured is the relationships we have formed. This year we have made friendships and trust has been established that will open even more doors in the years to come.
2009 Praise Reports

*All accomplishments
*Fellow missionary relationships
*Completion of house and indoor plumbing
*Church to attend in Ft Portal

2010 Goals

*Continue to provide assistance to the community through wells and other needs
*Establish mentoring programs for the children at Home Again and train up local leaders
*Assist Bringing Hope to the Family and Embrace Uganda with the construction of the new clinic
*Seek the Lord on witnessing strategies and believe God for salvations in our community

Merry Christmas,

Chris, Katie, Kolby and Logan

*I have attached a few random photos for your viewing pleasure.

Hello all. I hope everyone is doing well. We are quickly wrapping up our first year here. But, thankfully not before getting a few more things accomplished.

The well we began in Kacungiro (Kochoongee ro) over a month and a half ago is finally complete. We were supposed to hand it over to the community today, but due to heavy rains we have rescheduled for Saturday. This well will service over 40 families, which is more than 150 people. This was a community that desperately needed a clean water supply. This was our first time being in Uganda during the month of October, and now we know what it’s like. Note to self… do not attempt to construct a well in October. It’s just far too wet. But, that being said, we are so glad that we have had the opportunity to bless this village and to have been able to finish it before we return to the states.

Also, since our last post, we hosted our final HIV/Aids test for the year. We visited a village that was about 30 minutes down a dirt road. Wait a second, every village we visit is 30 minutes down a dirt road. But, seriously it was. I must admit I don’t remember the name of the village, but the pastor who arranged us coming was a wonderful man. He was very grateful and he has a true heart for his community. We were able to test 126 people. We had more people show up than we had test strips. It is sad that we couldn’t assist everyone, but that’s a reminder of how great the need is here. Out of the 126 tested 5 were positive.

Outside of these projects we are busy getting everything in order. We are also getting Moses ready to be the go-to guy while we are gone. We are confident that he will do a great job.

In other news we had our Thanksgiving meal last night with some fellow missionary friends in Ft. Portal. We made the boys Indian hats. They had a great time and I had ham for the first time in 10 months. I was so excited. I have missed ham.

I think this will do for now. We will post a time or two again next week as we head to Kampala for Phill’s wedding and then off to the airport. Exciting times ahead.

Be blessed,

Nearly completed box spring well

Nearly completed box spring well(2)

HIV/AIDS Testing Outreach

HIV/AIDS Testing Outreach(2)

Colby and Logan on Thanksgiving

I am glad to say that we completed our project of hanging mosquito nets in Kyongera! This has been a project that we have been working on for many months. But this is a project that we are very proud of and feel that it has been a success. And there is something about going and taking the time to visit and look in on families. This gives them the feeling that someone really cares for them. And the great thing about it is that it is true! So many people do care! The people who took the time to raise money for the mosquito nets and blankets care, the people who give to GSM and help us do these projects care, Bringing Hope to the Family cares, and we at GSM care! That is a lot of people caring!

We personally hung up all the nets in all the homes except one. And we did not do that one because this home was taken over by wasp nests and we decided we did not want to be attacked by them. Everywhere we tried to hang them, a nest was there ready to attack. So I am planning on buying some bug spray and bringing it to her to help her get rid of these bugs. They had been sleeping outside because they were getting stung at night. I could not imagine. Their home unfortunately is on the far end of Kyongera and is about an hour drive on a motorcylce. But I feel it will be worth the drive.

We also visited a home where a women was very sick. She was due a net and I feel bad that we were a bit late getting it to her. But we gave her a net and a blanket. Which was good because she was having chills. We gave her the protection of a net, the warmth of a blanket, and love with a prayer of healing.

Another home we visited had a little boy, maybe 2 years old, with a really bad burn on his back. The story was that he was outside and the mother turned her attention for a moment and he spilled a jug of boiled water on him. It is very sad. We hung a net over him while he was sleeping trying to be very careful not to disturb him or hurt him. But I am glad we were there to hang the net so that he will not have to deal with Malaria on top of a serious burn. I would fear he would not survive.

We also finished hanging all the nets for Bringing Hope to Family’s staff. I was a bit shocked by how many people did not have nets. It seems to me something that would be important to have. But then I thought about it and a net is about $6 which is half of a weeks salary. And that is a lot of money here for them. So we were glad to help them so that they can remain healthy and be able to do their job. Really Moses is the one who gets all the credit for this. He really took this project on and made it his own. We have had many people thank us for what we have done and said that their rooms look very “smart” now. Their was a pastor and his wife(she works for BHTF) and they have 5 kids and have taken in 10 orpahans. We gave them the nets about 2 months ago and they said that they have not had one case of Malaria. So praise God! I hope to have many more similar stories!.

We also had another HIV testing outreach at a secondary school(high school). It is a local school here in Kaihura. We tested 80 students and I am glad to say that there was zero postive results. We hope to do another outreach before we go to the states. It has been helpful having Georgia and Martha here to help also. They are good sports and like to get involved and help where ever they can.

We hope to start working again on the well in Kacungiro. It has been hard to progress with it because of the rain. But I hope it will begin soon. It has been so wonderful having our new motorcylce! When we went to Kyongera we just loaded up the bikes and went. We did not have to bother trying to arrange transport, because we had some. They worked great, even my little scooter hung in there. There is not a day that goes by that Logan does not thank me for the motorcylces. I guess since I arrived with them I am the one to thank. I wish I had video of him thanking me. It is really funny. And when he says it he is so sincere.

There is still a ton to do here. If you would like to get involved and help supply the needs here you can go to http://www.knowthinkact.com/. It is really easy and I garantee results. I want to say a big thank you to those who raised money for the nets and the blankets. What a blessing they are to so many families. If you would like to come volunteer here you can email us at volunteer@globalsupportmission.com. Thanks for keeping up with us.

Stay adventurous,

It’s such a busy time here at Global Support Mission. Banquets are rapidly approaching, plans for the rest of this year unfolding, and a huge trip to Africa planned for March!

This trip is incredibly important, maybe the most important, in the history of GSM. We are going to be meeting with our current Affiliates as well as expanding into new areas, establishing new relationships and looking at bringing several new Affiliates into partnership with GSM. Another main focus for us is creating content for us to use Stateside.

We have a big dream of creating a DVD series, highlighting very specific issues such as Malaria, HIV/Aids, Clean Water, etc. In these DVD’s, we want to tell specific stories of those that have been affected by these issues, what causes them and give ways for people to respond. We are also in need of creating new videos for Know.Think.Act., as well as photos for all of our needs, both pending and met on KTA. For all of this to happen, we desperately need new gear. With technology racing ahead and what we are able to harness visually, we cannot fall far behind and be relevant both now and in the future.

We are using an interesting and exciting approach to raising funds for this project. I was introduced to a website called KICKSTARTER. This site allows you to raise money for a creative project by people “pledging” a certain amount of money towards it. Once the goal amount is met, everyone’s credit card’s are charged their pledge amount. If the pledge is not met, no one is charged. We’ve also created several incentives for you to donate!

I cannot express to you how deeply vital this is to us. Coming from a film background, I have seen the power that visual forms of communication can hold. For those that cannot go and cannot experience firsthand, it has the power to convict, to empower, to change lives at a deep, core level.

So, please consider pledging. We have 30 days to meet our goal of $11,000! You’re not just giving money towards pieces of equipment, you’re empowering us with the ability to tell incredible stories of lives and communities changed and of hope restored.

Direct Link:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Jeremy Stanley
U.S. Programs Director