Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Thank you Lord for sending your son. Let us never forget what it’s all about.

Now, I would like to apologize for this post coming so late. But, I have to admit I have enjoyed laying low for a couple of weeks. It has been nice resting up on this side of the pond. Also, while we are in the states we would love to see everyone. We will certainly do our best. We are very grateful to all of you for assisting us in this calling. You are a blessing.

Before I list our 2009 accomplishments I thought I would let you know what is currently going on in Kaihura. I received an email from Moses today. He is recovering from malaria. He said he is on the mend. The rains have finally subsided. They plan to begin on a new well in the village of Kyongera on Monday. Moses has also delivered 20 mosquito nets to Pastor Stephen in Ft. Portal. These nets will be distributed to pastors in that district. Pastor Stephen’s heart is to assist and educate the local pastors around Ft. Portal. We desire to help him any way that we can.
Moses has also distributed 20 blankets to some of the students at Dorcas (Vocational School). Moses has been such a blessing. He is doing a great job of keeping the projects moving forward.

Accomplishments for 2009

*We have constructed 3 wells which assist over 240 people (also, forth well beginning construction next week)
*We have visited 69 homes
*Distributed 59 blankets
*Hung 181 mosquito nets
*Administered 7 HIV/Aids testing outreaches (624 people tested/ 28 positive/ less than 4%)
*One category that cannot be measured is the relationships we have formed. This year we have made friendships and trust has been established that will open even more doors in the years to come.
2009 Praise Reports

*All accomplishments
*Fellow missionary relationships
*Completion of house and indoor plumbing
*Church to attend in Ft Portal

2010 Goals

*Continue to provide assistance to the community through wells and other needs
*Establish mentoring programs for the children at Home Again and train up local leaders
*Assist Bringing Hope to the Family and Embrace Uganda with the construction of the new clinic
*Seek the Lord on witnessing strategies and believe God for salvations in our community

Merry Christmas,

Chris, Katie, Kolby and Logan

*I have attached a few random photos for your viewing pleasure.