I am glad to say that we completed our project of hanging mosquito nets in Kyongera! This has been a project that we have been working on for many months. But this is a project that we are very proud of and feel that it has been a success. And there is something about going and taking the time to visit and look in on families. This gives them the feeling that someone really cares for them. And the great thing about it is that it is true! So many people do care! The people who took the time to raise money for the mosquito nets and blankets care, the people who give to GSM and help us do these projects care, Bringing Hope to the Family cares, and we at GSM care! That is a lot of people caring!

We personally hung up all the nets in all the homes except one. And we did not do that one because this home was taken over by wasp nests and we decided we did not want to be attacked by them. Everywhere we tried to hang them, a nest was there ready to attack. So I am planning on buying some bug spray and bringing it to her to help her get rid of these bugs. They had been sleeping outside because they were getting stung at night. I could not imagine. Their home unfortunately is on the far end of Kyongera and is about an hour drive on a motorcylce. But I feel it will be worth the drive.

We also visited a home where a women was very sick. She was due a net and I feel bad that we were a bit late getting it to her. But we gave her a net and a blanket. Which was good because she was having chills. We gave her the protection of a net, the warmth of a blanket, and love with a prayer of healing.

Another home we visited had a little boy, maybe 2 years old, with a really bad burn on his back. The story was that he was outside and the mother turned her attention for a moment and he spilled a jug of boiled water on him. It is very sad. We hung a net over him while he was sleeping trying to be very careful not to disturb him or hurt him. But I am glad we were there to hang the net so that he will not have to deal with Malaria on top of a serious burn. I would fear he would not survive.

We also finished hanging all the nets for Bringing Hope to Family’s staff. I was a bit shocked by how many people did not have nets. It seems to me something that would be important to have. But then I thought about it and a net is about $6 which is half of a weeks salary. And that is a lot of money here for them. So we were glad to help them so that they can remain healthy and be able to do their job. Really Moses is the one who gets all the credit for this. He really took this project on and made it his own. We have had many people thank us for what we have done and said that their rooms look very “smart” now. Their was a pastor and his wife(she works for BHTF) and they have 5 kids and have taken in 10 orpahans. We gave them the nets about 2 months ago and they said that they have not had one case of Malaria. So praise God! I hope to have many more similar stories!.

We also had another HIV testing outreach at a secondary school(high school). It is a local school here in Kaihura. We tested 80 students and I am glad to say that there was zero postive results. We hope to do another outreach before we go to the states. It has been helpful having Georgia and Martha here to help also. They are good sports and like to get involved and help where ever they can.

We hope to start working again on the well in Kacungiro. It has been hard to progress with it because of the rain. But I hope it will begin soon. It has been so wonderful having our new motorcylce! When we went to Kyongera we just loaded up the bikes and went. We did not have to bother trying to arrange transport, because we had some. They worked great, even my little scooter hung in there. There is not a day that goes by that Logan does not thank me for the motorcylces. I guess since I arrived with them I am the one to thank. I wish I had video of him thanking me. It is really funny. And when he says it he is so sincere.

There is still a ton to do here. If you would like to get involved and help supply the needs here you can go to http://www.knowthinkact.com/. It is really easy and I garantee results. I want to say a big thank you to those who raised money for the nets and the blankets. What a blessing they are to so many families. If you would like to come volunteer here you can email us at volunteer@globalsupportmission.com. Thanks for keeping up with us.

Stay adventurous,