This blog is a bit lengthy, but it is very very important. Please take the time to read it all. I would be most grateful.

It is so satisfying and rewarding to work with our network affiliates long term. Since I met Faith in 2004 she’s gone from supporting 600 orphans and a staff of two people (including herself) to now having over 3,000 children registered under Bringing Hope to the Family and a staff of over 40.

Faith is a woman of vision and action. She knows the process of seeing a need, finding a solution, and the hard work of implementation and then the even harder work of creating sustainability (which is a constant process). It’s how everything that Bringing Hope to the Family does has come into being.

One of the biggest needs she’s been working on over the last five years is good medical care that is accessible to her local community. The nearest hospital (that is of any quality) is over 50km away. That’s about a forty minute drive. Many people have died or just went without proper treatment, because of the distance. I’ve personally seen both… and it’s heart breaking.

About four years ago Faith started a small clinic to provide basic care to the orphans, widows and HIV positive individuals she was working with. Over time that clinic has grown and expanded it’s services and reach. It has moved rooms and buildings several different times to contain the growth. For the last three years Faith has been trying to build a phase one portion of a larger medical center plan.

Our friends from Embrace Uganda have been working on this project with Faith over the last year. Here is a description of the current situation from their project manager here in Uganda.

Overview of Hope Again Medical Center Outpatient Clinic (Phase I):

Hope Again Medical Center in Kaihura currently operates through an outpatient clinic offering support to HIV/AIDS-positive people, especially orphans and their caretakers. The centre offers free treatment to all the HIV/AID positive orphans as well as free HIV/AIDS testing and counseling to the entire public. The medical centre has a clientele of 1060 HIV-positive clients, of which 265 are children below the age of 17, 497 are women, and 298 are men. Most of the children are orphans.

The Joint Clinic Research Center (JCRC) and the District Health unit provide the ARV (anti-retroviral) treatment while HAMC offers free HIV/AIDS counseling and testing services, treatment for opportunistic infections, pays for X-rays and scans, and provides transportation to JCRC in Fort Portal. Also, HAMC offers allowances for physicians from the health centre V (hospital in the neighboring town of Kyenjojo) to visit HAMC twice a month to administer treatment. The medical centre also offers medical treatment to other people in the community, but it mainly exists to provide services to the HIV/AIDS patients in the community. The children tested are between the age of 6 months and 17 years. The majority of children is school-aged orphaned and vulnerable children in need of medical and educational support.

HAMC is currently operating in a rented building, where they cannot become a fully registered medical clinic under the government. Having full registration would enable the center to receive the financial support of the government. Also, HAMC cannot expand in their current rented facility, and it hopes that it can do so in order to offer a larger number of services to the surrounding communities.

HAMC facilities are now under construction. The construction of the proposed facility will occur in four phases. The first phase will complete the outpatient clinic, which will allow the center to continue to provide the current services offered. In phases 2 – 4, two patient ward buildings will be added as the services of the outpatient clinic also increase, and a structure that will include an operating theatre and a delivery room will also be added.

The phase I proposed outpatient clinic building is an approximately 3,200 square-foot structure. It will include two exam rooms, a treatment room, a laboratory, a counseling room, a 2-stage delivery room, two patient wards, a nurses room, a storage room, an administrative office, a handicapped-accessible bathroom, an open-air reception/waiting area, and a records/dispensing room.

Phase one is currently under construction, but is running out of funds. It has been years in the making to get to this point and we believe that this will be built. We want to give you the opportunity to be a part of making that happen. We need $154,764 to finish phase one. You can give on Know.Think.Act. We’ve broken that number down into parts. If you would like to give a donation of $5,000 or more please mail a check (to save on credit card fees) to:

1262 2nd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210

Please make checks out to Global Support Mission and put Medical Clinic in the memo. 100% of every donation, whether it’s a $5 donation online or a $10,000 check will go directly to finishing this clinic. I’ve seen $40 save a young girls life… I paid the medical bill. Every little bit helps and adds up! So please don’t fail to act, because you think that what you have to offer is insignificant… it’s not!

So let’s build this clinic! And bring Hope Again, to a community in need!

Compassion = Action,

Travis Gravette
Founder & Executive Director