We’ve been planning and planning and now the time is upon us! In a few short hours, myself, Travis, Maggie & a couple of volunteers will be boarding a plane to Washington DC, from there to Ethiopia and finally ending up in Uganda!

We’re incredibly excited for this trip. We’re going to be meeting with our current Affiliates in Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya as well as beginning talks with several new potential Affiliates. A lot of vision casting, looking at the present and towards the future, as well as just enjoying being a part of these communities and being able to be with our extended family in these nations.

Another huge aspect of this trip is multimedia content. We are going to be finishing the Malaria DVD, as well as gather many, many stories to share with you. I am fully convinced that the power of story has the ability to radically change lives. From the local leaders who are doing incredible work into their own communities, to those that have been affected by HIV/Aids, Malaria, lack of clean water, etc. They run the full spectrum of emotions and NEED to be seen and heard. We cannot wait to share them with you!

We’re looking forward to helping you get to know the local leaders of these organizations. Faith in Uganda, Pastor John in Tanzania & Peter in Kenya are doing absolutely incredible work. They have given and sacrificed so much for the sake of their people. They have amazing hearts and souls and we believe you are going to be just as inspired as we were when we heard their stories and met them firsthand!

I’m off to finish getting ready for the flight! We’re going to stay in touch with you all so PLEASE check back with our Abroad Blog often. We’ll be updating that one from this point on while we are in Africa. You can also keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook as well!

A huge thank you to everyone that has made this trip possible! We are absolutely stoked for the adventure ahead!

Jeremy Stanley
U.S. Programs Director