After nearly 3 full days of travel, we’ve arrived safely in Kaihura, Uganda! We started in Nashville. Myself, Travis & Maggie Gravette from GSM as well as our volunteers Josh Bronleewe from Nashville & Sarah Heath from Orange County, CA. We arrived at the airport and immediately had our first adventure! Sarah accidentally left her passport on a copying machine 2 hours away in Alabama! We thought she was going to miss the flight, but our flight ended up being delayed by an hour and she made it JUST in time! Was pretty amazing. So we flew from Nashville to Washington DC. From DC we flew to Rome, Italy where we refueled and then headed down to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We got in to Addis late so the airline put us up in a nice hotel and had a really late dinner. We woke up, drove back to the airport and then flew down to Entebbe, Uganda. I had to post this photo. Doesn’t the couple sitting off to the right look like they’re posing for an advertisement straight out of the 1940’s? I thought so too. Katie Sasser, one of our International Coordinators was in Entebbe waiting to pick us up. This is also where Emilia joined us on the journey! She has been traveling all over Europe and had been spending a little bit of time in Cairo, Egypt. We’re really excited to have her here with us! From there we drove into Kampala by taxi, where we off-loaded our bags, exchanged money and grabbed lunch.
After lunch we bought our bus tickets and headed on a 5 hour bus ride to Kaihura!

We arrived around 11:30pm on Friday night. There was a group of people still awake and waiting for our arrival. It was great to see all of their beautiful faces, including Faith, who founded Bringing Hope to the Family, our Affiliate here in Kaihura.

We’re so excited to be here and there have been MANY adventures to tell you about, even after a few days here. Hauling concrete blocks for a shallow well, playground equipment construction, hand shucking corn with the community, motorcycles and many, many stories to come! In the next blog I’m going to be telling you about an urgent need hear in Kaihura and we are really going to need your help with this!

Thank you to everyone who got us here, who supports and loves us and who is praying for us. We’re incredibly excited to be here and cannot wait to see what happens on this trip!

Jeremy Stanley
U.S. Programs Director

P.S. Okay a few things here. First, I cannot explain to you how tired I was. I didn’t sleep the night before. At all. Didn’t go to bed. Second, my lips are NOT that red. I’m blaming Sarah’s camera. Third, I have and will continue to rock out the eye mask, no matter what color the airline decides it should be. Good, bad or whatever you would call this particular mask. That is all.