Peter stands in the room, beaming at the children. In one corner, they point at a picture and yell out what it is in English, over and over again. In another corner, they are learning their multiplication tables. Outside this building, a table is being set-up as two men are putting on scrubs, laying out several medications. A man gingerly walks towards the table, another hobbles over with a walking stick. An older woman with a single crutch and wearing an oddly large and awkwardly shaped shoe sits down on the bench where the men are preparing the medications. The woman begins to take off her shoe and unwind the bandages around her foot. This woman suffers from leprosy. As the bandages come off, the men in scrubs begin treating and cleaning her wounds. They will do the same for the men that follow. This is the work of Action Ministry.

Peter grew up in western Kenya, some 50 kilometers from the Uganda border. Growing up in a rural region, Peter was excited to have the opportunity to move to Mombasa to train with and then become a staff member of a large hotel in the city. He enjoyed his job and being a part of this new city. However, Peter had a desire to be a part of something more. He wanted to be a part of serving people, to see their lives changed and transformed. He saw lack all around him and wanted to help bring it to an end. At 24 years of age, Peter started filing all the necessary paperwork and started an organization called Action Ministry. He began to pray that God would open doors and provide him with opportunity to serve.

One day, as Peter was walking to work, a man approached him, begging. This is not uncommon in Mombasa, but Peter started listening to and then questioning the man. He was asking Peter to pay his child’s school tuition. Peter asked him why he was unable to pay and he told him it was because he was unable to work due to his disability. He had leprosy. Peter asked this man to go to the school and get a letter from there, stating the issue with tuition and then to bring the letter back to him. He did.

Peter agreed to help this man pay for his child’s tuition. He also wanted to meet the child and see where this man and his family lived. The man took Peter to his home. Peter was astounded by what he saw. For this man was not the only one affected with leprosy. He was living in a community with many, many others affected by this brutal disease.

Peter wanted to take action and felt that this was it. This is what he had been waiting for. He strongly believed that God had planted this in his heart and that he was to pursue it completely. This is where his faith and trust had brought him.

Action Ministry is now focused on working into that very same leper camp, where years of rejection, humiliation and loneliness after stigmatized not only those affected directly by this terrible affliction, but their family members as well. Action Ministry is working to restore hope and pull these families from the margins.

Action Ministry is also working into two large slums in Mombasa. Coming alongside those that have very little if anything to claim as their own. Barely standing shacks as homes. Lack of water, food, finances and anything resembling hope for the future. These are those that Peter and the rest of the Action Ministry staff feel called to love and to care for.

We are honored and privileged to call Action Ministry an Affiliate of Global Support Mission. We are so impressed and humbled by the vision of Peter and the rest of his staff. They have vision and clarity and are pursuing it with wisdom, thoughtfulness and planning. We so look forward to sharing with you the many stories that are to come. Please go to Action Ministry’s Needs page on Know.Think.Act. to see how you can help be a part of changing the lives of those in the leper camp and slums of Mombasa.

Seeing the Difference,

Jeremy Stanley
U.S. Programs Director