My time here in East Africa has come to a close. Over the last two months I’ve had the honor and privilege to sit down with so many incredible individuals and listen to their stories; from young children facing the challenges of getting a basic education, to elderly men and women who have lived with leprosy the majority of their life, to leaders who have given up their personal pursuits to serve their community. The situations are different, the struggles and challenges vary, but their hope is what binds them all together.

What follows is a small photo journal of a few of these conversations.

We are so excited to be able to share these stories in video format with you over the coming year. And, as we release each story you will have the ability to become a part of the continued narrative… to give life to the hope that binds them!

So, join our community of action on by becoming an ally and keep an eye out as we start to release these stories starting in July.

Compassion = Action,

Travis Gravette
Founder & Executive Director