This is a terrible story and we are in urgent need of your financial support and prayer for Robert. The message below comes from Katie Sasser, who works for Global Support Mission on the ground in Kaihura, Uganda:

On July 17th, one of the orphaned boys at Home Again, 15 year old Robert Kabiito, was hit by a car. We’re a little unclear on the details of the story, but what we know is that Robert was riding his bike home from school when he was hit by a car coming from the neighboring town of Kyenjojo. I saw him this morning in the Hospital in Fort Portal. He is doing okay considering what he has gone through. He had emergency surgery last night to stop the bleeding and to repair the break of his fibula and tibia which were broken up by the knee. The doctor said today that they are really shocked that he made it through the night. He will stay in Fort Portal until Wednesday and then they will transfer him to Kampala where he will have another 2-3 surgeries to repair the other breaks. His femur, elbow, and shoulder are broken. His head is swollen and the other leg is very badly scraped up. He really needs prayer and support right now.

His treatment is going to be very costly and his recovery will be long. If you would like to get involved and you are not sure what you can do, we could really use your help with the medical bills. Bringing Hope can not afford the medical bills and this will be putting them in a tough spot. So again, this is a need for help. I asked Robert what he would want to say to his friends in the US and around the world that know him, or not know him. He said “I am somehow and please continue to pray for me.”

Click here to give towards Robert’s medical bills and keep up with this blog and also on Twitter to find out the latest about Robert. I appreciate your time and thank you for your prayers.

Katie Sasser