I walked up to the orphanage and saw Faith sitting with an incredibly frail little boy. She told me his name was Moses and he had just recently come to them. He looked like an infant, no more than a year and a half old… I was shocked to find out that he was supposedly 4 or 5 years old, depending on who you asked. How could this be? How could a child that age be so malnourished, so frail, so unresponsive and close to death? Moses came to Home Again not only HIV Positive but with a myriad of other illnesses as well. If ever there was a case that was easy to lose hope in, it was Moses.

But Faith never lost hope. The transformation I saw take place in Moses over 3 months was probably the most incredible transformation I’ve ever seen in my life. What was absolute skin and bones, the poster child for frailty and malnourishment, was now filling out, a little chubbiness to his cheeks. They had him in a walker to help strengthen his legs. He will eat anything and everything in arms reach. He smiles. He waves. It is a beautiful, beautiful sight.

I love this story. I love how much redemption and hope it contains. There are many stories that echo Moses’, however many of them go unnoticed or they suffer far more unfortunate fates. We can change that. After watching Moses’ story, log on to Know.Think.Act. and see how you can help provide care and resources to orphans like Moses.

I hope you enjoy this video. I hope it challenges and inspires you. Above all, I hope it gives you hope for what is and what can be. Moses is an inspiration to us and I know he will be to you as well.

Jeremy Stanley
U.S. Programs Director