(The team in Kampala having lunch.)

This past weekend we took a group of people from Bringing Hope to theFamily on a trip to Jinja. The purpose of this trip was to tour otherchildren’s homes and orphanages and get ideas of how we can improve and learn from
from them. The staff that we brought had not seen any otherhomes to have any comparison. When we arrived and saw the homes, lets just say they were very surprised. Chris and I did not have to say anything really, the team said enough. There was so much going through their minds and the excitement was so wonderful to see.

This is what Global Support Mission is about. We are about training, equipping and helping them fulfill their vision. The whole time we were there, the whole ride home, and 3 meetings so far, they have been discussing what and how Bringing Hope will implement these new ideas. These are ideas on how to improve the environment around the home, inside and out. Also how to group the kids and assigning mothers to specific children and creating separate homes for each group. Then on to procedures that will be set for the home.

Needless to say, there will be a lot to do ahead. If you are interested to help out, there will be needs coming soon on www.knowthinkact.com to help with the improvements. It was a lot of fun spending quality time with the team of staff and getting to know them even more. We had quit an adventure.

So on that note, stay adventurous!

Katie Sasser

(Amanni Baby Cottage in Jinja.)

(Example of one of the rooms.)

(Me and a cute baby.)

(Cannan Children's Home dorm room.)