Praise the Lord the rain held off and we were able to start and finish this well in one week.  Josh, our latest volunteer, Moses, George and I headed out to the Katooke District to construct our first of 4 wells.  The community came out in full force.  It was very encouraging to see their efforts and appreciation.

We had a blast digging and getting filthy with them.  Our labors spoke volumes to them.  They were so happy to see that we were there to help do the work.

This past Friday we held our official Handover Ceremony.  We had a great turnout.  As is our custom, I shared with them that we are happy to meet there physical water needs, but we truly want them to taste the Living water as well.  Many of the men at the ceremony were local pastors.  I asked them to use this well as a witnessing opportunity to their community.

The community was so grateful that they blessed us with a goat, and a chicken.  This was my first time hauling farm animals in our car.  As we were preparing to head out they informed us that they had prepared a meal for us.  We were led into the house where we were then served liver and hot milk.  This was a labor of love.  I didn’t tell Kolby or Logan what it was and oddly enough they nearly cleaned their plates.  I, on the other hand, just managed to choked it down.  My stomach was churning for the entire hour-long bumpy drive home.  Good times!