Last week Joyce held her final day of testing and class at Dorcas.  Two weeks ago the students had their written tests and each day last week they had to bake an item that they had been taught throughout the course.  On Monday the girls baked banana bread.  Tuesday it was chocolate chip cookies.  Wednesday they baked yellow cake with chocolate icing.  And, finally on Thursday they baked pineapple pie.

Overall the girls did very well.  They had a few challenges, but when you figure that none of them had every used or been near a gas oven before, they did great.  We would like to say thanks to those of you who gave towards the gas stove.  This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Over the course Joyce taught them how to follow instructions and to use measurements.  With traditional cooking there are no measurements or written instructions to follow.

One of the things that they were taught to bake that most impressed them was bread. They were shocked that bread could be baked in the village.  They didn’t think it was possible.

The students had a great time, and as with the tailoring course their possibilities were expanded again.  The people here are very bright.  They just need to be shown new options. Often times we can take for granted our schooling, parents, mentors, internet, television and books.  We have such an endless supply of knowledge available to us.  So much of these things the people here will never have the chance to learn from.  That is why volunteers, like Joyce, who are willing to come and teach what they know to others is so valuable.  The body of Christ in action.  I love it.

The house parents at Home Again are still pressing forward with their plans to raise their level of care for the children in the orphanage.  Since our trip to visit other orphanages in Uganda earlier in the year the staff  members at Home Again have been working very diligently to put into action the plans they have made.

There are still a few needs that we have posted on know.think.act. that would greatly assist their efforts at Home Again.  They are in need of a chain link fence around the entire property.  This will keep locals from simply cutting through the property and will also set boundaries for the kids.

The staff would also love to have stone walkways around the homes and property. This will help keep down the amount of dirt being tracked into the house and will help new grass to grow as the children would be walking on the pathways.

Over the next week we will be adding a few new needs for Home Again on KTA.  Please feel free to check them out at[]=5&price_min=&price_max=&urgency=&country=&affid=8.