So to catch people up, last year I helped Bringing Hope start an income generating project. That project is called Village Art and is a craft shop. They had a good beginning last year and it is continuing on this year. The girls that work in this shop come from nothing. They did not even get a chance to finish school due to things that might come up, like needing to take care of their family because a parent died. Another reason would be that they did not have the money to pay for secondary school. Thus they were eligible to go to Bringing Hope’s Dorcas vocational school.  These girls did very well in school and were selected to be able to work in the shop. Most of these girls have never been anywhere other than the village. Most of them have never been to Kampala, which is the capital. Most of them have not been beyond a 15 mile radius of the village, so their world view is very small. I would say that is the case for most of the village.
It is hard to imagine anything different if you have never seen anything different. I wanted to help out the girls fix up the place that they were working in. I wanted to expand their mind and show them something that is nice. I wanted to add color to help them create something new. So on we raised money to do the repairs and fix ups that I had in mind. We raised money for paint, some shelves, a table, and to put a light and outlet in the new retail store they are going to open.

I had no idea paint can make such a difference. We had so many people come by to see what was happening. People were amazed to see that a place in the village could look so nice and that they can dare to do something different.

That is why I said that paint on the wall can also paint the mind. I have to admit, I did not come up with that saying – a Ugandan friend said it to me. I hope to see other store owners in Kaihura follow this example.
So, Village Art is a craft work shop and a craft store. And coming really soon they will also have a salon (or what they call a saloon). The new manager for VA just graduated from beauty school and will be teaching at the vocational school and while also be doing hair in the Salon. We are hoping that this will bring in even more money for the shop and for Bringing Hope. There is not a good place to get hair done around here for women so we hope to be the place to go! If you want to get involved with this we will be posting more needs on KTA soon for the salon. Also, if you own a business or know someone who does and would like to order crafts to sell just let us know and we can figure that out!

As Always,

Stay adventurous