I recently visited Bringing Hope to the Family’s farm and male vocational school in Kyongera. Over the last year,
Bringing Hope has made farming one of their main focuses. Their hope is that they will produce a large enough amount of crops to substantially cut down on their monthly food bills. Some of the produce will be for consumption and some will be sold in order to buy other foods.

Upon my visit I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the matooke trees (a type of banana) were doing in such a short amount of time.

The boys in the vocational school were in the process of planting pineapple “suckers.” Their maize was growing very well also. Tomatoes, collard greens, and eggplants were growing as well.

Bringing Hope to the Family recently installed an irrigation system at the farm.

A couple of the guys in the vocational school program gave me a demonstration.  It works great. Progress!

International Coordinator – Uganda