While I was attending a well handover ceremony recently in the village of Kariruga in the Katooke District (Western Uganda) I met some guys who had taken the opportunity to use their surroundings to make some money. In that area a lot of sugar cane is grown. So, these guys had mastered the art of making liquor from the sugar cane.

They had a hand cranked pressing machine that squeezed the sugar water out of the canes. Then they had a large trough where they let the sugar water ferment. After the fermentation process it was brought over to the distillery.

Now, I must say that I came upon this entire operation by accident. While I was waiting for the ceremony to begin I went over to see the communities old water source again. To my surprise the old water source is now a distillery. Only one of the guys, Peter, could speak English. He was very friendly and he walked me through the process of how they make the liquor. Once the entire process has been completed they collect the liquor and it is sent to Kampala where it is purchased by a packaging company. I was amazed to see such ingenuity and entrepreneurship being done in this village. I am not advocating one way or the other on liquor, but it was great to see young men taking initiative and making an income for themselves.

International Coordinator – Uganda