Our team’s big project for this trip, besides the conferences they have been holding, has been to transform the courtyard behind Village Art craft shop into a beautiful oasis. Bringing Hope’s plan to is open a salon, or as the Ugandan’s say a “saloon,” in the room behind the craft shop.

The team has also funded the renovation of that room in preparations for the salon. This process has involved installing a door and windows, wiring it for electricity, and installing indoor plumbing. The local contractors have been great. They have jumped right in and made quick work of the process.

Our team has been quite motivated as well. The entire courtyard was completely transformed within 48 hours.  We were all amazed at how quickly it came about how nice it turned out. Village Art’s goal is to sell hot tea and soda’s to clients who come to get their hair done. Currently there aren’t any big salons nearby for ladies to get their hair done for weddings or other special occasions. Up until now, ladies have had to travel to Fort Portal, which about 45 minutes away, just to visit a salon.

The new courtyard is already gaining the attention of many people around town. There has never been a shop like this around here before. Now, obviously a good bit of money has been put into this project, but everything has been done with local materials. We hope that this will inspire others to try new things, take pride in what they have, and try to present it in the best way they can.

I want to thank our team and many of Bringing Hope’s staff for their hard work in making this project come to pass so quickly.

-Chris Sasser
International Coordinator