As day 2 of the marriage conference in Katooke gets under way I thought I would share a little about it. In the past, our friends Paul and Teri have hosted these conferences in Kaihura, but this time Bringing Hope to the Family decided to share this much needed information with the people of Katooke. Because of the distance, most people in Katooke have not been able to attend the conferences in Kaihura.

In these marriage conferences Paul and Teri discuss many topics that are vitally needed here. Topics can vary from why a couple should get legally married to how to properly love your spouse, but they also have to deal with things like polygamy in this area. Technically, polygamy is no longer legal in Uganda, but in village settings it is still practiced by many people. Also, Uganda is a very male dominated society, especially in rural areas. Thus, the topic of being unselfish and putting your spouse’s needs first needs to be addressed.

The conference began yesterday in normal Ugandan fashion with about ten people, but by lunch there were over seventy, and by the end of the day there were over ninety people in attendance. This morning we already have a large crowd. Having enjoyed yesterday’s message and a nice lunch, the people that attended yesterday quickly returned for more. The second day usually draws in more people due to word of mouth. We are expecting well over 100 people to attend today.

This is Paul and Teri’s third trip in three years to Uganda. They have a true heart for the people of Uganda and a desire to help them with their marriages.

-Chris Sasser
International Coordinator