I want to share a little more from our time with our last team before we move on to new a topic, so today I will highlight our mosquito net distribution. Katie and Moses took a group of our volunteers to the village of Ruhooko to visit families and provide them with mosquito nets one day and I took a few others later in the week. Bringing Hope to the Family provides education assistance (tuition/scholastic materials) to several children in this village. This was our first time, personally, to work in Ruhooko. We visited several of the families that Bringing Hope assists and hung nets for them and prayed with them as well.

The volunteers had a great time visiting with the families and getting involved with them. It is one thing to see how people live, but to step into to their world and to talk and share with them is another thing all together. This is where the ministry truly comes to life.

Chris Sasser
International Coordinator