Today we went out to an area we had never been before to hang mosquito nets in the homes of a few families that Bringing Hope to the Family is now assisting. We were accompanied today with 3 volunteers from North Carolina and a couple of staff members from Bringing Hope.

The ride out there was quite an adventure. The roads were very bumpy, steep, and extremely dusty. We went to a few area’s that would have been beyond the reach of our vehicle. Thankfully we chose to ride motorcycles for this outreach.

We were able to visit and assist 5 families today and hung 15 mosquito nets. The people we met today were very excited to welcome us into their homes. In one of the homes we met a blind man who was very friendly and appreciative. He greeted all of us several times and prayed for us as well. We also prayed for him and his family.

The area we visited today, like the area in Katooke, is very poor. Now, I realize that most people here are quite poor compared to our standards, but there are definitely levels of poverty here. And, these people are in really bad shape. Every home we visited today asked for prayer for peace in their home, education for their children, and financial help.

We prayed for them and let them know that God loves them, cares about them and he knows what they need. Please feel free to pray for these people as well and ask God to provide for them.

Chris Sasser
International Coordinator