Moses, our coworker, and I are calling 2011 the year of the well since we are hoping to have completed 7 wells by the year’s end. Last week the repair of a broken box well in the village of Nyabirongo (Katooke) was completed. Moses took the lead on this project and he did a great job. As I had mentioned in an earlier post we had planned to construct a new shallow well in this community, but having seen this box well and finding that it was repairable we decided to do that instead.

It only took Moses, George (the water engineer), and the community 4 days to have this well back up and running and looking new again. This well will provide clean water to nearly 140 people in this community. We want to thank the Lord and those who were kind enough to donate the funds for this project.

Since the repair of the box well was less costly than the price of a new shallow well the remainder of the money is going to purchase a new hose for Bringing Hope’s water pump. This will allow us to continue digging more wells. God has a way of providing!

Chris Sasser
International Coordinator