I’ll begin this blog with an explanation for our lack of posts this week. Due to a heavy rainstorm which knocked down 6 power poles we were left without electricity from Monday morning until late Thursday night. Thus we have been unable to keep a charge on anything electronic until now, but thankfully the power has been restored. And we are truly grateful for that.

Now on to today’s adventure… We headed out once again to Rwensinene this morning. This was our second trip to this village. (Our last mosquito net outreach blog was from this area.) We visited 5 more families today and hung 15 nets again. The weather looked threatening, but thankfully it held off for us.

The houses were extra packed today as all of the children were home from school. (Teachers are currently on strike over wages.) But it allowed us to meet entire families instead of just the parents.

There was one man that stood out to me today. He asked us to pray for him to help him with his addiction to alcohol. This was the first time anyone here has ever asked me for help with this problem, so we certainly prayed that God would set him free from this addiction. This is one of the challenges here. Alcoholism is very prevalent, but it is not addressed, and rarely does anyone admit to it. I would ask you to pray that God will bring help to these people.

Otherwise, today was a great success. We had a volunteer from Scotland, Sarah, helping us today who has been teaching at a local school for a year. It was her first time visiting villages and hanging mosquito nets. She is heading home in a couple of weeks and wanted to get in on the fun before it was too late.

Chris Sasser
International Coordinator