On Thursday Katie and Josh, a volunteer that has been in Kaihura with us for some time now, tackled the job of painting the two rooms that will be storing the bridal gowns and accessories. As Village Art continues to grow, the need for a new administration building for Bringing Hope to the Family becomes a greater necessity. Including these two new rooms, Village Art has now commandeered 4 rooms that were offices for Bringing Hope staff members. Bringing Hope has been working towards a new administration building for some time now – this is just extra motivation for them.

Next week we are hoping to hang shelving and a full size mirror in these freshly painted rooms. We’ve got about 3 weeks to get ready for the first delivery of gowns.

We are also happy to say that Village Art’s salon has been very busy as of late. They have had several clients over that last couple of days. Progress. We love it.

Chris Sasser
International Coordinator