I just want to take a minute and recap our week:
Rain and power outages.
There’s our recap.
Just kidding, but it’s partly true.

Seriously though, we continued on with our leadership course on Wednesday. We had to hold the class in our living room due to a violent rain storm. We had to read by candlelight for a while until the electricity was restored. It was fun though, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Each week Katie and I are requiring homework from the students mainly to see that they understand the material and also for further studying. We were encouraged after reading their homework from the first week. It appears that they are grasping what we are teaching. That, obviously, is very important.

Also, after a few holdups (mostly weather related), the digging of a new shallow well in Katooke Town is underway. If the rain will lighten up some they should be done with the construction by early next week.

I have to brag on Moses a bit. He took all of the photos of the well construction. He’s getting really good at taking nice shots.

Chris Sasser