Last friday our smaller volunteer team wrapped up their 4 day biblical training conference. The content of the conference was basically a Christianity 101 course. The conference was a huge success with the number of those in attendance increasing each day. The people who attended had a great time and left feeling encouraged and excited.

As the conference wrapped up we were able to distribute 147 english Bibles to the those in attendance that lacked a Bible. Rutooro bibles, and additional english Bibles, are still on back order and will be distributed as soon as they are available.

We want to thank everyone who gave towards the putting on of the conference and the purchase of Bibles.

We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to assist with both the physical and spiritual needs of the people here.

Our medical team from UCLA has arrived back safely in California. The team was amazing, motivated and productive.

Through our home visits we visited 21 homes, hung 68 mosquito nets and treated 32 patients within these homes.

I am still waiting for the official count from the medical team, but we are certain that over 1000 people were seen and tested throughout our 6 outreaches.

We praise God for the opportunity to serve and bless the communities in the Kyenjojo District.

We want to thank the team for all of their hard work and blessing Bringing Hope’s clinic, Hope Again Medical Center, with a lot of new medications and supplies.

Be sure to check out some of the photos below! We also want to thank everyone who prayed for the team and for the outreaches. To God be the glory!

I want to use this post to shine a spotlight on the home visits that our medical volunteer team has been doing all this week. So far our team has visited 17 homes, hung 55 mosquito nets and have checked and assisted 27 family members who needed medical attention. The severity of attention needed has varied from headaches to back pains to burn victims to cancer patients.

The team has been outstanding throughout these visits. Their level of care and attention has been encouraging to the families we have visited. The families are amazed that someone would care enough to trek out to their homes to provide them with mosquito nets and free medical care. At one of the homes we visited the mother of the home repeatedly asked if the medications were free. She couldn’t believe it.

We greatly appreciate all that this team is doing for these communities.

We also want to thank our friends at Benton Baptist Church in Alabama for the dolls that we distributed to the children. We sent several dolls home with ladies to surprise their children when they returned from school.

The photos below are from Wednesday’s home visits.

This past Monday I was playing right out of the Clark Griswold play book. If the movie industry ever decides to make a National Lampoon’s African Vacation movie, I can help write the script. (Editors note: I would watch that movie).

Now, what happened was solely my fault, however, I will preface this by saying that no one else in the vehicle said a word of warning prior to my stroke of genius.

Now to the lovely story…

With our Pajero loaded down with family, friends and luggage (roof rack included) we decided to make one last stop in Kampala before we headed out to the village. We pulled into Garden City (the mall) and searched for a parking spot. Not finding one, we decided to go into the parking garage. As we head up the ramp all we hear is……. scratch, scrape, yank, bang and BOOM! Immediately we all realized what I had just done. Yes, that’s right, I had hit the low ceiling with our recently purchased roof rack, and it now laid mangled on the ground behind our car. Despite what had just happened, I am pleased to say that I passed the verbal test! Nothing inappropriate came flying out of my mouth.

With a bit of effort we stuffed everything we could inside the car and roped our mangled rack and a suitcase or two to the roof and headed for home. We are well on our way to a memorable trip for Katie’s parents and our friend Modell.

In case you are wondering, I believe the rack is repairable. But in the future I will steer clear of all parking garages.

I just wanted to brighten up your day. I hope this helped.


As of Monday all of our volunteers scheduled to come are with us here in Uganda.

Now to recap our highlights for the day….

On our home visits we visited 6 families in the village of Miranga, hung 19 mosquito nets, which will provide safe sleeping for at least 38 people. Our nurses also attended to 9 family members who needed medical care. One of the cases we saw today was a 9 month old baby boy who had a bad burn on his hand. The team was able to provide ointment for him and wrap his wound.

Today’s medical outreach was in the village of Mbale. The team tested and checked 265 patients today. The turn out was the biggest so far. The team had to turn away right at 100 people as this was far beyond their capability. Overall the outreach was a huge success.

Also, our biblical training conference began today. We had a decent first day turnout. It is very common for the crowds to grow each day of the conference. So, we are expecting a much bigger crowd tomorrow. But, the first day still went very well. The people that attended today are very excited for what is to come over the next 4 days.

More updates to come…