As of Monday all of our volunteers scheduled to come are with us here in Uganda.

Now to recap our highlights for the day….

On our home visits we visited 6 families in the village of Miranga, hung 19 mosquito nets, which will provide safe sleeping for at least 38 people. Our nurses also attended to 9 family members who needed medical care. One of the cases we saw today was a 9 month old baby boy who had a bad burn on his hand. The team was able to provide ointment for him and wrap his wound.

Today’s medical outreach was in the village of Mbale. The team tested and checked 265 patients today. The turn out was the biggest so far. The team had to turn away right at 100 people as this was far beyond their capability. Overall the outreach was a huge success.

Also, our biblical training conference began today. We had a decent first day turnout. It is very common for the crowds to grow each day of the conference. So, we are expecting a much bigger crowd tomorrow. But, the first day still went very well. The people that attended today are very excited for what is to come over the next 4 days.

More updates to come…