I want to use this post to shine a spotlight on the home visits that our medical volunteer team has been doing all this week. So far our team has visited 17 homes, hung 55 mosquito nets and have checked and assisted 27 family members who needed medical attention. The severity of attention needed has varied from headaches to back pains to burn victims to cancer patients.

The team has been outstanding throughout these visits. Their level of care and attention has been encouraging to the families we have visited. The families are amazed that someone would care enough to trek out to their homes to provide them with mosquito nets and free medical care. At one of the homes we visited the mother of the home repeatedly asked if the medications were free. She couldn’t believe it.

We greatly appreciate all that this team is doing for these communities.

We also want to thank our friends at Benton Baptist Church in Alabama for the dolls that we distributed to the children. We sent several dolls home with ladies to surprise their children when they returned from school.

The photos below are from Wednesday’s home visits.