Construction of a new shallow well for the village of Kisangwa has been underway for about a week now.  This is our fifth well to construct in the Katooke area.  Weather permitting we hope to have the well completed within the next day of two.  This well is going to provide clean water to nearly 160 people within this community!  We want to thank everyone who gave towards the construction of this well! We couldn’t have done with you!

Work has been under way for about a week now on the volunteer house’s veranda, which also doubles as GSM’s leadership course classroom.  We are really excited to get this part of the house done.  The crew we hired to do the work has been awesome.  They have truly been hustling and doing great work.  The entire job should be finished within the next week.

Over a year ago Katie came up with the idea to start saving bottle caps to try her hand at decorating the walls once they were plastered.  Yesterday that day finally came and we are quite pleased with the way things turned out.

Life in Kaihura is moving right along.  I just wanted to take a moment and share a few photos of some of Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff hard at work. We thank God for their willingness to serve their community through the various gifts and talents that God has blessed them with.

(someone is being shy)

I just want to share a few snapshots from High Hope Academy. This school is a project of Bringing Hope to the Family.  The school currently has classes from nursery (preschool) through primary 3.  Most of the classes are filled with children from Home Again, but there are a few students from the community as well.  The school has been in existence for two years now. The school’s headmaster is a young man named Emmanuel, who happens to currently be enrolled in our leadership development course.  He is a very dedicated person.  He is also very passionate about his students education and the success of the school.  We are pleased to see the amount of progress that the academy has made in such a short amount of time.

This past Thursday we made our first visit to the village of Kesina to visit homes.  We first met up with a local pastor named John, who was to be our guide for the day.  After putting nets up in his house we then visited 4 other homes.  In all we hung 15 mosquito nets and provided safe, mosquito-free sleep to at least 30 people.  This was our first of several visits to come to this village.  We praise God for the opportunity to assist the people of Kesina.