We are excited to see how quickly the projects at Home Again are being complete. The crew that is constructing the Home Again addition began working on the walls today. Yesterday, with the help of our volunteer Scott, who has been an absolute blessing, the plumbing for the toilets was installed.

The ceiling in the lower house at Home Again is over half way completed now. Scot and a couple of other volunteers have used this opportunity to get several of the boys from Home Again involved in the process. This has been a wonderful experience for these young men, as they are learning skills that they would not have gotten without these great volunteers taking the time to teach them and provide space for them to participate. This ceiling project has been about much more than just a the installation of a ceiling, but a chance for mentoring and friendship as well.

Know.Think.Act and Global Support exist not to just complete projects, but to connect lives, to connect stories, and watching Scott working and leading our boys from Home Again demonstrates that, while the ceiling is important, it’s much more about building relationships. All our volunteers who have the chance to spend any time with our partners walk away changed, and walk away having left an indelible mark on those they have loved on during their time here.

Scott came with our first team in December and planned to spend 3 weeks with us here in Kaihura to help with the Home Again addition. His desire was to be used while he was here and we have greatly appreciated his efforts and willingness to jump in and lead the way with the ceiling as well.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank our friends at Facedown Records, the No Name action group, St. Matthew Lutheran Church and the amazing individuals  that donated towards these projects. We appreciate all that you are doing to help the children at Home Again! We are always looking for more people like Scott, no matter your experience or talents. If you are interested in being a part of a volunteer team, feel free to contact us here or at info@knowthinkact.com.