With our volunteer teams back home now and with just less than a month until we take a trip to the US, we are busy trying to ger our ongoing projects wrapped up. Now, just so you know, work here will continue while we are in the states, as GSM will be left in the very capable hands of MOses, our fellow GSM employee here in Kaihura.

We began painting the ceiling that we installed in the lower house of Home Again today. We had several willing helpers with the painting, which is always nice. We even had one helper from Austrailia, Barbara, who has been volunteering with our Australian friends here in Kaihura for a few weeks now. This holiday break has been a wonderful learning experience for several of the boys at Home Again. As seen in other posts, these boys were instrumental in the installation of the ceiling. Now they are getting an opportunity to hone their painting skills.

I also added a couple of photos of the kitchen/bathroom addition at Home Again. Progress is still moving right along on this project.