On Friday, Village Art held its official grand opening! There was certainly a lot going on, and a lot worth celebrating. Thankfully, through Know.Think.Act., Village Art has it’s own generator, so when the power went out, it did not slow down the festivities even a little. Between the pedicures, hair weavings, sodas, PA system, and dancing, there was definitely a lot of excitement in the air.

This project means so much more than just creating a salon, a craft shop, and a bridal boutique. This income-generating project is not only designed to provide jobs to several women in the community, but it also helps sustain Bringing Hope to the Family. It is actually bringing hope to everyone involved. No one here thought shops like these were possible in a village setting, and the success of Village Art is expanding and reshaping the minds of those around us.

We praise God for this blessing to Bringing Hope to the Family! We praise God that we can connect communities here in East Africa with people from around the globe who are investing in real change. We pray that it will be a successful business and a blessing to all who come.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and we can’t wait until you come and take advantage of all our services!