We want to share a little about several of Bringing Hope’s staff members that are helping to make a difference in their community.  We will begin this segment with a wonderful young lady named Jane.

Jane has been working for Bringing Hope to the Family as the cashier for Hope Again Medical Center for 4 years now.  Prior to coming to work at the clinic, Bringing Hope assisted her with her education needs.

Jane was also in our first leadership course last year.  She says that the lesson on courage was her favorite.

In her owns words:
“Since I’m a cashier I like making profits for the organization and I have seen it progressing.  Further more I like making friendships since we get very many clients from the community coming to our clinic.”
Jane, having grown up through the Bringing Hope system and now working to assist others, is one of numerous success stories for Bringing Hope to the Family. God is definitely using Bringing Hope to change lives.