One of the fundamental aspects of leadership and being a good leader is to never stop growing and learning. We take this idea to heart and are always looking for ways to improve our leadership skills as individuals and as a team. One way that we have started to do this here in the U.S. office is by having leaders, CEOs, and executives come in every Wednesday morning and share with us their insights, challenge us, and help us process what we are working on in our individual roles, and working for as an organization.

This morning we welcomed Jeff Hawley, board member of Global Support Mission and CEO/founder of HonorGuard Pest Control. Jeff is a big supporter of Know.Think.Act. His company has completed numerous needs and is set to accomplish so much more through matching his employees’ donations. We love partnering with Jeff and the entire team at HonorGuard and are humbled by all they have accomplished by meeting tangible needs around the globe.

As we talked this morning, Jeff asked us some key questions that leaders should be asking their teams and that we should constantly be asking each other.

The first question asked was, “Why are  you here?” In part because Jeff was getting to know us as individuals, but this question is key to reminding ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. When we can have the tendancy to get bogged down by the individual details and tasks of the everyday, it’s a good reminder to step back and remind each other and ourselves why we are here in the first place.

Jeff’s follow up question was, “What is the deeper purpose behind the why?” Even as all our answers varied in some way, it was great to see all the common ideals and mission that unite us in our deeper purpose. With a group of people that work so closely together – yet on such different tasks – it’s encouraging to be reminded of the things that are driving each of us as individuals and those things that unite as a team and as a organization.

Our conversation continued to move forward to more practical issues facing our team and how we can go about addressing them and what that could look like, but when I look back at this meeting and the big take aways that we discussed after, I will be reminding myself and each other of the vision, passion, and purpose of what we do.

Have you asked yourself lately about these core questions? If not, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to sit down and ask yourself why are you doing what you are doing, and what is the deeper purpose behind the why. We would love for you to share what it is you are doing, why you do it, and what the deeper purpose is behind that why.

Thanks, and we look forward to continuing to developing as leaders and individuals united to end extreme poverty.