I just received these photos of the Home Again bathroom/kitchen addition from Moses, so I thought I would share them with you! The bathroom is nearly complete, and the focus will soon shift to finishing the kitchen. We are excited to see it come together!

Thank you to all who have donated towards the project! You are changing lives!

With this post, I want to show the progress on Bringing Hope to the Family’s new administration building. This building is being constructed next to their new medi al center that is also under construction. We are believing along with Bringing Hope that both of these structures will be completed and in use later this year.

Work on the admin building started back in September. The walls are about half way completed. The next phase will be roofing and installing gthe windows and doors.

This new building is going to be a huge blessing for Bringing Hope. It will allow all of their departments to be under the same roof and be on the same land as their new medical center. This will also save them money monthly as they will be able to stop renting facilities in the trading center.

If you are interested in seeing the needs that are left towards this project, please follow this link:  Know.Think.Act.

We are going to continue our staff spoltlight to allow everyone to get to know some of the wonderful people that God is using in Kaihura to reach out to those that so desperately need God’s love and truth in a practical way.

Gorret has been working at Hope Again Medical Center since October 2008. Prior to coming to work with Bringing Hope, she was working at a clinic in the district of Busia. Having talked to Faith about Bringing Hope’s need for a midwife, she applied for the postion and later made the transition to Kaihura.

In 2011, Gorret went to further her medical studies at a univesity in the south of Uganda. She is hoping to continue her studies soon which will allow her to better serve her community.

In her own words:

“I really enoy seeing a pregnant mother coming in for check ups and delivers an alive healthy baby. I always return the glory to God when I discharge a live mother with an alive baby.”

Gorret was in our second leadership course that just recently ended.

In her own words:

“I learned that God’s word is forever and will never die. I also learned to be courageous and not fear anything because I serve a living God and I am secure in Jesus Christ.”

Gorret is a blessing to this organization and to her community. We thank God for people like Gorret who are willing to give their lives for the glory of God.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to honor the women who work with Global Support Mission. As the only woman working in the U.S. office full-time, I’m especially humbled by the ladies who have come before us, the ones who continue to walk alongside us, and the men who support us.

The last hundred years have brought incredible changes worldwide for women. We can now vote, work, go to school, receive healthcare, manage our own finances, and run for office in many countries throughout the world. While inequalities and injustices certainly continue to exist in many countries, today we celebrate these victories and the effect they’ve had on us.

Take our fearless leader of Bringing Hope to the Family, Faith Kunihira. She was raised by a single mother in rural Uganda and speaks of how they did not have hope that she or her family could bring any good to themselves or the village. However, through doors that miraculously opened for her and through her work outside of the village, she began to see hope and a future full of positive change for her home. She returned to the village and began to lay a legacy of difference in her community. Today, she is the mastermind behind the great strides being taken in orphan care, healthcare, education, leadership, vocational skills, and agriculture for thousands of boys and girls in Kaihura. What an inspiration!

I admire Faith for her boldness in faith, hope, and action. I admire her for taking steps forward in enacting change for her community. I admire her for courageously walking down the path of opportunity that many women before her had begun to pave. I am especially encouraged by the ways she is continuing to inspire all the little girls and young women not only in her community, but also in those of us who love Global Support Mission and Bringing Hope to the Family worldwide.

Working alongside Faith in Uganda, Katie Sasser, one of our International Coordinators in Uganda, continues to use her skills and gifts to further the mission of GSM & Bringing Hope to the Family. We have great women working alongside us Stateside as well, from Maggie, Evan, and Katy in the office, to Exchange Tour participants, international and domestic volunteers, and Legacy Partners. Today, we remember the women who paved the way for us and honor today’s women who strive alongside Global Support Mission every day.

Thank you for supporting the women you so dearly love in your life and for encouraging them to continue to seek opportunity and change.

Thank you,

International Volunteer Coordinator & Office Manager

Allow us to introduce you to Monica, our Child Welfare Officer for Bringing Hope to the Family (BHTTF) and a former resident of Bringing Hope! Hear from her perspective below her picture!

“It’s one year now working with Bringing Hope to the Family. I came back because I was supported by BHTTF. Prior to being on staff at BHTTF, I was teaching and had severe illnesses that forced me to resign from my former job as a teacher. Maybe it was God’s call through sickness and now I’m a full time worker of BHTTF as child welfare officer.

I enjoy staying and working with children as I was a teacher and so I am comfortable though there are challenges. My dream is that one day we shall stand as children of the organisation and educated with degrees so that the organisation may be recognized and even help others.

I have learned a lot like humility, servanthood, integrity and much more through working and the leadership school. These topics encouraged me a lot and that’s why I serve – not to be recognized or seen by people – but to be appreciated by God. I always try to put into practice and utilise everything I have learned from the leadership class.

Thank you very much for serving us and the organisation at large. I pray continually to God to provide for the orphans and vulnerable children who need help. It’s not easy, but everything is possible with God’s power. Thank you very much.”

We are so grateful to have Monica on our team as she brings all her talents and abilities to help the children and community we serve! Say hi to her in the comments below!