We are going to continue our staff spoltlight to allow everyone to get to know some of the wonderful people that God is using in Kaihura to reach out to those that so desperately need God’s love and truth in a practical way.

Gorret has been working at Hope Again Medical Center since October 2008. Prior to coming to work with Bringing Hope, she was working at a clinic in the district of Busia. Having talked to Faith about Bringing Hope’s need for a midwife, she applied for the postion and later made the transition to Kaihura.

In 2011, Gorret went to further her medical studies at a univesity in the south of Uganda. She is hoping to continue her studies soon which will allow her to better serve her community.

In her own words:

“I really enoy seeing a pregnant mother coming in for check ups and delivers an alive healthy baby. I always return the glory to God when I discharge a live mother with an alive baby.”

Gorret was in our second leadership course that just recently ended.

In her own words:

“I learned that God’s word is forever and will never die. I also learned to be courageous and not fear anything because I serve a living God and I am secure in Jesus Christ.”

Gorret is a blessing to this organization and to her community. We thank God for people like Gorret who are willing to give their lives for the glory of God.