Allow us to introduce you to Monica, our Child Welfare Officer for Bringing Hope to the Family (BHTTF) and a former resident of Bringing Hope! Hear from her perspective below her picture!

“It’s one year now working with Bringing Hope to the Family. I came back because I was supported by BHTTF. Prior to being on staff at BHTTF, I was teaching and had severe illnesses that forced me to resign from my former job as a teacher. Maybe it was God’s call through sickness and now I’m a full time worker of BHTTF as child welfare officer.

I enjoy staying and working with children as I was a teacher and so I am comfortable though there are challenges. My dream is that one day we shall stand as children of the organisation and educated with degrees so that the organisation may be recognized and even help others.

I have learned a lot like humility, servanthood, integrity and much more through working and the leadership school. These topics encouraged me a lot and that’s why I serve – not to be recognized or seen by people – but to be appreciated by God. I always try to put into practice and utilise everything I have learned from the leadership class.

Thank you very much for serving us and the organisation at large. I pray continually to God to provide for the orphans and vulnerable children who need help. It’s not easy, but everything is possible with God’s power. Thank you very much.”

We are so grateful to have Monica on our team as she brings all her talents and abilities to help the children and community we serve! Say hi to her in the comments below!