At Dorcas Vocational School, teenagers who are orphaned or considered are able to learn practical skills that will serve them in the real world. The students learn many things from tailoring and weaving homegoods to cooking and agriculture, as well as business skills and spiritual growth. Right now, the girls of Dorcas are located in one building on a hill in Kaihura, while the boys are located on ten acres of farmland in the nearby village of Kyongera.

This year, Know Think Act will begin focusing more on improving conditions at Dorcas Vocational School. Katie Sasser and I had a great meeting with the principal of Dorcas, Georgina. Georgina is eager to improve curriculum, facilities, and staff at the school. I’m confident that Katie & Georgina will work to make great change within the community in the coming years. To sit in on these initial meetings and planning stages for the future of Dorcas is very exciting – I wish I could share all the ideas with you right now!

Keep an eye out for Dorcas’ needs on Know Think Act in the coming months and rejoice in the future of these teachers and students. What an exciting time it is!

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of handing over yet another well to an eager community in Western Uganda. The Kyakayombya well will serve  760 students at Kyakayombya Primary School as well as their families and community.

Before Bringing Hope to the Family partnered with this community, the villagers were getting water from this well:

As you can see, it is nearly impossible to keep this waterhole clean. It is filled with bugs, mud, plants, garbage, and dirty rainwater runoff from the nearby hills where cattle and goats roam. Needless to say, it is a hugely insufficient water source and has caused much sickness throughout the community.

Bringing Hope to the Family has partnered with Kyakayombya to build a new well and educate the community about safe water gathering and consumption. Today, we handed over the well to the community members. It was so humbling to see the delight on everyone’s faces as fresh, clean water first poured out of the pump.

I am grateful to have been present for this well dedication. What an encouragement!

- Karen

I had my first tour of Kaihura on Monday with Katie Sasser and two families who are adopting children from Home Again Orphanage.

We toured all the operations of Bringing Hope to the Family including Home Again Orphanage, High Hope Academy, Hope Again Medical Centre, Dorcas Vocational School, Village Art, Kyongera Farm, and the new buildings for the medical center and administrative offices.

As always, it was a thrill to share how Know Think Act has been involved with each aspect of Bringing Hope to the Family over the years. We have replaced mattresses in the orphanage, built a boys’ dormitory near Kyongera Farm, purchased chairs for students at High Hope Academy, and supported patients at Hope Again, among countless other projects with Bringing Hope.

Check out to see how you can be involved with the life-changing work of Bringing Hope to the Family and contribute to their current needs today!

International Volunteer Coordinator & Office Manager
Global Support Mission

Greetings from Kaihura! I’m halfway through my first week in the village and couldn’t be more elated to finally see the work of Know Think Act on the ground. As International Volunteer Coordinator, I’m doubly glad to see the projects that past volunteers have completed at Bringing Hope to the Family and dream about the future of our volunteer program. It’s amazing to put faces and places to names I’ve always known through Global Support Mission and to meet the people on the other side of our work. The entire staff of Bringing Hope to the Family and the Sasser family are doing great things here on the ground.

I look forward to sharing stories from my time here over the next month. Hope you’ll stick with us for more!

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International Volunteer Coordinator & Office Manager
Global Support Mission

It’s been two weeks from the night of the This Is Love Banquet, and we are still so humbled and amazed at all the stories that are continuing to pour into the office about that night. Here is a highlight video that we would love for you to watch:

This year, Faith from Bringing Hope to the Family  came to share her story and what they are doing to change the story of education in Uganda. Check out this video to see what education in Uganda looks like:

We can do something about this. By helping us meet this NEED, we can change provide an education for these children. Through the This Is Love Banquet, we were blown away by your generosity and passion behind meeting this need, but we still have more to do. Through your partnership, we can change the world.

Thanks so much for being part of an amazing night and for helping us meet this need! Click the above link to continue being a part of this story!