On Wednesday, we had the privilege of handing over yet another well to an eager community in Western Uganda. The Kyakayombya well will serve  760 students at Kyakayombya Primary School as well as their families and community.

Before Bringing Hope to the Family partnered with this community, the villagers were getting water from this well:

As you can see, it is nearly impossible to keep this waterhole clean. It is filled with bugs, mud, plants, garbage, and dirty rainwater runoff from the nearby hills where cattle and goats roam. Needless to say, it is a hugely insufficient water source and has caused much sickness throughout the community.

Bringing Hope to the Family has partnered with Kyakayombya to build a new well and educate the community about safe water gathering and consumption. Today, we handed over the well to the community members. It was so humbling to see the delight on everyone’s faces as fresh, clean water first poured out of the pump.

I am grateful to have been present for this well dedication. What an encouragement!

- Karen