It’s been two weeks from the night of the This Is Love Banquet, and we are still so humbled and amazed at all the stories that are continuing to pour into the office about that night. Here is a highlight video that we would love for you to watch:

This year, Faith from Bringing Hope to the Family  came to share her story and what they are doing to change the story of education in Uganda. Check out this video to see what education in Uganda looks like:

We can do something about this. By helping us meet this NEED, we can change provide an education for these children. Through the This Is Love Banquet, we were blown away by your generosity and passion behind meeting this need, but we still have more to do. Through your partnership, we can change the world.

Thanks so much for being part of an amazing night and for helping us meet this need! Click the above link to continue being a part of this story!