Our volunteer team from Los Angeles has arrived and things are moving along amazingly! It is great to be experiencing God at work here in Kaihura and we wanted to give you a quick update of everything that is happening.

We wrapped up a 2 day marriage conference in the remote village of Mbale yesterday, where there were around 70 people in attendance. This training was a momental experience for the people who participated. Surprisingly, the couples were very open and honest about their isssues and in asking for help. I say this is surprising because the people in this region are usually very superficial, so their openness was huge.

The pastor’s conference in Kaihura is into it’s second day today. They have had nearly 80 people present both days. It is exciting to see the pastors hunger for God’s word and their willingness to sacrifice several days just to learn more about our great God.

Check out some pics from the last couple days and come back for another new update soon!