It has been a rough week for our team, and we wanted to bring you up to speed. Last Sunday while we were in Kampala, our car was broken into. We were parked in a very safe and open area while we had lunch at the mall. I never would have seen this coming.

Basically, someone broke the lock on the driver’s side door to pop it open. After lunch, we came out to our car to find that it had been ransacked. We lost around $9000 in cash and nearly $4000 worth of our personal belongings. We lost everything from our computer to our passports. Basically, we were wiped out in one sweep.

Now, just so you know, we don’t usually have this much money on us, but we had just gotten this money out for our volunteer team team that arrived in our village on Monday.

Now, Global Support Mission has wired money over to cover the team’s trip, but they had to take this out of already allocated funds. That being said, we are needing to raise money to pay it back.

I realize that many of you have done, and still do, so much for us already but if anyone is interested in helping us repay this team’s mooney or help us get back up to speed, please follow the link below.

If you do give, please mention in the comment section if the money is designated for the team’s money or for the Sasser’s belongings.

While this is a tough time for us, we are so grateful to be surrounded by people who care and we would greatly appreciate any and all donations.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us and this team during this time. We also want tot thank the Lord for his faithfulness. Thank you for coming alongside of us and helping us in this way.