Things have been going very well around here!  We are greatly enjoying the volunteer team that is here and have done a variety of things: we have painted, hung glass window panes, played with kids, hung mosquito nets, gone fishing, spent time with our Ugandan friends, and recently went on a safari, which was a lot of fun.  I went with them as their guide and enjoyed seeing them excited about this new experience.  You know, if you come all this way, you might as well go on a safari.  We were able to see everything but a lion.  The lions have been hard to spot lately, at least that is what the safari guy said.  But that did not ruin the trip because we were able to see a leopard, and those are rare to spot.

Yesterday, we had 2 more volunteers arrive.  Kristin, who has become a good friend of ours, and her boyfriend Ryan.  This is Kristin’s 3rd visit in 2012.  We have been saying she should just buy a house here since she is here so much.  Since we have moved here, Kristin has come 5 times.  Needless to say, she has caught the vision and can see the fertile soil here!  As far as Ryan is concerned, we are really praying that this trip will be a life changing time for himself and also the people he is here to help with.

Everyone but myself and my boys are out starting a well.  It will be a great time, but a ton of work.  We are praying for good weather to finish the project before everyone leaves, and of course that the love of Christ will be evident through the whole process.  Stay tuned and as always…

stay adventurous


On Thursday we took several of our volunteers fishing. As many of you know, Katie loves to fish. So, when heard that someone in a nearby village had a couple of fish ponds, she was very excited. She made short work of tracking down the owner and brokering a deal for his fish. This trip was her second time fishing there.

Having only heard about this spot I didn’t know what to expect. The owner of the pond is a nice guy who is more than hospitable. When you look at the photos below you’ll see how comical these “ponds” are, but they have fish in them and we did catch some. As you read this, those very fish will have been clean by the team and enjoyed by all for a tasty dinner.

Overall it was a great experience and I am sure we will be returning before too long. If you are curious about the fishing “gear” we are using, it consisted of 2 telescopic fishing poles and 4 small pieces of bamboo with line tied to them that worked like a champ. Just another reason to join us in Uganda!

On Tuesday our volunteer team went to the Village of Narubingo to visit families and hang mosquito nets. We were able to visit 7 homes and hand 18 nets. The teams thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They had an opportunity to meet families that they would not otherwise have the chance to. We went quite a ways out on this adventure. We had to walk up and down several hills, as the homes were far apart and, with a fresh rain, the motorcycles couldn’t traverse the landscape.

On Wednesday the team helped fight malaria in another way.  They helped install new panes of glass and locks in the windows at Dorcas Vocational School.  They’re about half way completed at this point and hope to finish this task on Thursday.

We will also be going out on another mosquito net outreach soon.

More updates to come.

Our newest volunteer team arrived last Tuesday and they will be with us for nearly 3 weeks.  We are excited to have this team with us and get to know them better as we serve this community together.

On Wednesday, Katie took them on a tour of all of Bringing Hope’s sites and projects.  As those of you who have been here before know that takes a day in itself.  On Thursday we began painting the lower house of Home Again.  It had been a while since it was last done and it was due.  We finished it up today and painted the new bedroom and classroom at Village Art.  These rooms will be for the girls in the hair salon training program.

We also varnished the new bamboo fence.  It turned out great.  We are getting very close to completing the Village Art project.  Once we get the cafe up and running it will be time to sit back, praise God and watch it flourish.

More updates from the adventures of this team to come…

So I am sitting here again thinking how funny my life is…  I am sitting outside on our veranda because we have found this one gold mine of a spot that we can get 3G+ internet speed.  I am trying to think of what to write about but I am distracted by all the birds chirping and what would seem like a million roosters crowing.

While this is happening, a fitting song comes on my play list, the “Return of Innocence” by Enigma.  This song has a real tribal feel and seems to bring me back to the reality of the surroundings and the place that God has called us too…  You know, life can be really hard here sometimes.  But I can say this with confidence, if you are where God wants you to be, there is no where better to be.  And the scripture “With God all things are possible” really comes to life.  We have our ups and down, don’t get me wrong.  It seems since we arrived at the airport in Atlanta to return here, one thing after another has gone wrong…

In a lot of ways, Chris and I are starting to feel really stripped of everything.   But I know when this happens, God has a tendency to do something really miraculas! We apologize for not writing a blog in a while… There has not been a ton to report.  But sometimes it is good just share what is on your heart.

Lately there has just been some finishing of projects. Chris and I have also been trying to think and pray about the next step for the Leadership Class.  There will be more things to report soon because our next team of Global Support Volunteers has arrived and we look forward to the time we will all be together. But in the mean time, here are a few photos of just a nice Sunday afternoon basketball game and a few updates on the clinic progress.  Till next time…

stay adventurous,