On Thursday we took several of our volunteers fishing. As many of you know, Katie loves to fish. So, when heard that someone in a nearby village had a couple of fish ponds, she was very excited. She made short work of tracking down the owner and brokering a deal for his fish. This trip was her second time fishing there.

Having only heard about this spot I didn’t know what to expect. The owner of the pond is a nice guy who is more than hospitable. When you look at the photos below you’ll see how comical these “ponds” are, but they have fish in them and we did catch some. As you read this, those very fish will have been clean by the team and enjoyed by all for a tasty dinner.

Overall it was a great experience and I am sure we will be returning before too long. If you are curious about the fishing “gear” we are using, it consisted of 2 telescopic fishing poles and 4 small pieces of bamboo with line tied to them that worked like a champ. Just another reason to join us in Uganda!