Things have been going very well around here!  We are greatly enjoying the volunteer team that is here and have done a variety of things: we have painted, hung glass window panes, played with kids, hung mosquito nets, gone fishing, spent time with our Ugandan friends, and recently went on a safari, which was a lot of fun.  I went with them as their guide and enjoyed seeing them excited about this new experience.  You know, if you come all this way, you might as well go on a safari.  We were able to see everything but a lion.  The lions have been hard to spot lately, at least that is what the safari guy said.  But that did not ruin the trip because we were able to see a leopard, and those are rare to spot.

Yesterday, we had 2 more volunteers arrive.  Kristin, who has become a good friend of ours, and her boyfriend Ryan.  This is Kristin’s 3rd visit in 2012.  We have been saying she should just buy a house here since she is here so much.  Since we have moved here, Kristin has come 5 times.  Needless to say, she has caught the vision and can see the fertile soil here!  As far as Ryan is concerned, we are really praying that this trip will be a life changing time for himself and also the people he is here to help with.

Everyone but myself and my boys are out starting a well.  It will be a great time, but a ton of work.  We are praying for good weather to finish the project before everyone leaves, and of course that the love of Christ will be evident through the whole process.  Stay tuned and as always…

stay adventurous