Last Friday and Saturday, Moses, along with 11 Bringing Hope staff members attended an agriculture training conference. This conference was held in Fort Portal at Calvary Chapel. The conference was taught by a group from the town of Mbarara, which is a couple of hours south of us. Andrew Martin, who is the guy heading up the ministry there, has been working with an agriculture process called Farming God’s Way for several years now. Farming God’s Way is a biblical approach to farming and it’s goal is to restore the soil back to it’s original condition and subsequently produce a higher and healthier yield each season.

On Friday, the team watched videos and discussed the benefits and techniques of this method of agriculture. On Saturday, the “on field” application was held at the churches’ property where they have a designated site for promoting Farming God’s Way.

The team enjoyed the conference and they are interested in seeing if it can be implemented effectively here. We hope to have Andrew and his team host a workshop at Bringing Hope’s farm in Kyongera soon!