Many people have been asking us about the status of Adolf’s situation (for a quick refresher about his story, and why he needs help, click here). I have been holding off on posting an update until Bringing Hope to the Family had everything lined up, but I think everything is close enough now to fill everyone in.

We have some exciting, wonderful news about Adolf! Thanks to a friend of GSM and Bringing Hope to the Family, Adolf’s story has gotten into the right hands and a children’s burn clinic in California has agreed to provide Adof with corrective surgery!

He, along with a guardian, will be in the US for 6 months while he undergoes surgery and rehab. Bringing Hope is currently woking on their passports and visa’s. We will post again once things are underway. This is truly a blessing, and we could not be more excited. It’s wild to think that Adolf will go to the States in his current condition and return walking!

Praise the Lord. What more can be said?

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