We arrived back in Kaihura last Wednesday. And, even with the trip having been a huge success, it was great to be home. After we settled back in and attempted to get all the sand out of our clothes (Oh, poor us!), we were ready to get back to work. We had a Know Think Act team arrive this past Sunday night and they will be with us until Thursday. The team, which is comprised of Travis, Adam, and three ladies that are on the Exchange Tour, has been traveling all over Kenya and Uganda for the last week and a half.

The premise of the Exchange Tour is that these ladies will get a firm grasp of Red Earth Trading Co. and Know Think Act, our beliefs and mission, as well as seeing and learning about our Partners (Bringing Hope to the Family and Action Ministry) before they head out on the Red Earth tour. On this tour, they will help setup and run several Red Earth pop up stores around the US. Having come on this trip, they will be able to better share the vision and mission of Know Think Act while they are running these stores.

On Friday, our medical team held their final outreach at Blessed Camp in Mombasa. This outreach was their largest crowd at this site with 206 patients being assisted. This brought the team’s total patients seen during this trip to 958!

The amount of jigger cases in this area is astounding. A large part of the day was consumed with removing jiggers from children’s feet. After removing the jiggers, their feet were wrapped and the children were given a pair of shoes to provide them with an opportunity for their feet to heal, as well as prevent future jigger problems from occurring.

Simultaneous to our team being here, a team from the UK has come for the grand opening of Blessed Camp’s new clinic. The team from England had helped fund and construct the new clinic. We enjoyed meeting them and working together. This team was delighted to see the new clinic being used by our team upon their arrival.

On Saturday, our team will enjoy some well-earned beach time before they head back to the States.

We want to thank everyone who has prayed for this team and the communities that were assisted, as well as those who donated towards any part of this trip. Thank you for helping to make all of this possible.

After taking the overnight bus from Kisumu we arrived in Mombasa on Tuesday morning and then made our way down to the South Beach area.  The climate is quite different from one side of Kenya to the other.  In the west it was cool and very much like it is in western Uganda, but here in Mombasa it is extremely humid and about 10 degrees hotter.  But, on the plus side, if you get too hot here you can jump into the Indian Ocean and cool off.

On Wednesday morning our team held their first medical outreach at Blessed Camp.  Unlike in the west where there were numerous cases of malaria, here the majority of cases were for various sores, wounds and jiggers (chigoe flea.) Many of the children at Blessed Camp struggle with jiggers.  It is great to see the children getting relief from this, but it’s sad to see so many kids’ infested with jiggers.  The team had to soak the children’s feet in bleach water for 20 minutes and then cut open the infected areas in order to remove the jiggers and any additional eggs that may have been laid.

The team was able to help 121 people at Wednesday’s outreach.  We are looking forward to two more great days of outreaches.  The South Beach area is a predominately Muslim area, but Action Ministry is shining the light of Christ in this community through meeting the needs of these people.

On Sunday we attended church in the morning and later spent the afternoon at Peter’s (director of Action Ministry) parents home in Got Osimbo.  We had time to hear stories about growing up in Got Osimbo and to get to know his family.  We also said most of our goodbyes, as we will be heading to Mombasa on Monday.

As we are preparing for the medical outreaches in Mombasa, we would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated towards the urgent purchase of medicines for the upcoming outreaches.  Medicine is considerably more expensive to purchase in Kenya than they are in Uganda and we are extremely grateful for the way you all are helping us support and impact this communities. Thank you for your help and your prayers.

Below are photos of Peter and his family, as well as, random photos from this first leg of our medical team’s trip.

On Saturday our team returned to the dispensary in the village of Got Osimbo.  Upon arrival, there were over a hundred people waiting for the outreach to begin.  The team was able to see 166 patients on Saturday, which brought their total of patients seen during the three-day outreach to 469.

Along with the medical care that was provided, a few team members with the help Kolby and Logan, taught the children in attendance the importance of good hygiene through a couple puppet skits.

The community came together to provide our team with a “thank you meal” near the end of the day.  The people of Got Osimbo and other neighboring villages are clearly appreciative of the teams’ work.

As you can see in the first photo we have been fighting late afternoon down pours each day.   It makes packing up slightly more challenging.  And, as to the last photo, I just thought the flying puppy photo was great.  Enjoy.

On Sunday we will be attending the local church that our new friend, Pastor William, pastors and afterwards we will be challenging the local children to a game of soccer.  Please pray for God to do great things in the lives of those who assisted and attended the outreaches, as well as, the members of our team.  We serve a great God.  Let’s believe him for amazing things.