After taking the overnight bus from Kisumu we arrived in Mombasa on Tuesday morning and then made our way down to the South Beach area.  The climate is quite different from one side of Kenya to the other.  In the west it was cool and very much like it is in western Uganda, but here in Mombasa it is extremely humid and about 10 degrees hotter.  But, on the plus side, if you get too hot here you can jump into the Indian Ocean and cool off.

On Wednesday morning our team held their first medical outreach at Blessed Camp.  Unlike in the west where there were numerous cases of malaria, here the majority of cases were for various sores, wounds and jiggers (chigoe flea.) Many of the children at Blessed Camp struggle with jiggers.  It is great to see the children getting relief from this, but it’s sad to see so many kids’ infested with jiggers.  The team had to soak the children’s feet in bleach water for 20 minutes and then cut open the infected areas in order to remove the jiggers and any additional eggs that may have been laid.

The team was able to help 121 people at Wednesday’s outreach.  We are looking forward to two more great days of outreaches.  The South Beach area is a predominately Muslim area, but Action Ministry is shining the light of Christ in this community through meeting the needs of these people.