On Saturday our team returned to the dispensary in the village of Got Osimbo.  Upon arrival, there were over a hundred people waiting for the outreach to begin.  The team was able to see 166 patients on Saturday, which brought their total of patients seen during the three-day outreach to 469.

Along with the medical care that was provided, a few team members with the help Kolby and Logan, taught the children in attendance the importance of good hygiene through a couple puppet skits.

The community came together to provide our team with a “thank you meal” near the end of the day.  The people of Got Osimbo and other neighboring villages are clearly appreciative of the teams’ work.

As you can see in the first photo we have been fighting late afternoon down pours each day.   It makes packing up slightly more challenging.  And, as to the last photo, I just thought the flying puppy photo was great.  Enjoy.

On Sunday we will be attending the local church that our new friend, Pastor William, pastors and afterwards we will be challenging the local children to a game of soccer.  Please pray for God to do great things in the lives of those who assisted and attended the outreaches, as well as, the members of our team.  We serve a great God.  Let’s believe him for amazing things.