On Friday, our medical team held their final outreach at Blessed Camp in Mombasa. This outreach was their largest crowd at this site with 206 patients being assisted. This brought the team’s total patients seen during this trip to 958!

The amount of jigger cases in this area is astounding. A large part of the day was consumed with removing jiggers from children’s feet. After removing the jiggers, their feet were wrapped and the children were given a pair of shoes to provide them with an opportunity for their feet to heal, as well as prevent future jigger problems from occurring.

Simultaneous to our team being here, a team from the UK has come for the grand opening of Blessed Camp’s new clinic. The team from England had helped fund and construct the new clinic. We enjoyed meeting them and working together. This team was delighted to see the new clinic being used by our team upon their arrival.

On Saturday, our team will enjoy some well-earned beach time before they head back to the States.

We want to thank everyone who has prayed for this team and the communities that were assisted, as well as those who donated towards any part of this trip. Thank you for helping to make all of this possible.